Plant-based Tokyo 東京ベジ帖

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Plant-based Tokyo 東京ベジ帖

  • 著者名: 中村 桃子 著
  • 発売日:2019/06/17
  • 判型: A5判
  • ページ数: 288P
  • ISBN:9784295403166
  • 価格: 3200 円


「Plant-based(プラントベース)」は、野菜中 心の暮らしの意味。野菜を食べることのみを推奨するのではなく、育てる人や届ける人、調理する人など、 野菜の背景にある物語や、豊かなライフスタイルの提案の意味を含みます。
日 ・ 英の2カ国語対応でギフトにも最適です

Where to eat plant-based in Tokyo!

Rice Girl introduces the people, places, and things of plant-based cookery in Tokyo. Next generation chefs, whose stories unfold in this book, take a uniquely Japanese approach to plant-based cooking. They identify cooking methods that best align with the traditional Japanese microseasonal calendar, while incorporating aromatics and fermented foods. Japan's plant-based cuisine is particularly interesting because it is a product of a long culinary history of vegan and vegetarian diets, learnings from grandmothers' kitchens of yesteryear, and the ever-keen interest of Japanese to sprinkle in flavors from afar. These are the top places to eat plant-based in Tokyo!